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The default script for family is often not enough.

Do you …

Feel overwhelmed because you are “doing all the right things”, but have nothing to show for it?

Feel discouraged about the relationships you have with your kids or your spouse?

Feel stuck with your own progress because you just don’t have time for yourself?

If so, I get it. I’m here to show you there can be a better way to live your family’s story.

Your family can thrive every day

Live Intentionally

Write down your goals and see progress in areas that matter most to you.

Build Lasting Relationships

Engage in meaningful conversations to build trust and make memories.

Connect with God

Take time daily to remember your true identity and find your divine purpose.

You can actually live your story

It’s disappointing, but sometimes your family can feel like a burden. It’s easy to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or even lost while living the script everyone else expects you to live.

But you don’t have to live like that. You can decide to live your story.

I’m Katrina. I’m all about the story. 

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In high school, I prayed to God that he would give me a good story as I grew up, met my husband, and started a family. And boy has He delivered. And now my calling is to share these ideas with others.

As I’ve been raising my children I have found frustrations with the typical script.

I was spending my time, money, and energy doing what I was “supposed” to do and found myself lacking in things I thought would be better for my family.

I’m here to tell you that there is another way.

As I’ve become aware of how I feel, what I want, and ultimately what God wants for me, I’ve found joy in writing the script for my life.

I discovered I have a gift for thinking outside the box (TOTB).

Script: Your kids should learn a musical instrument (join orchestra, have private music lessons, invest a ton of money and time).
TOTB: Buy ukuleles for everyone in the family, takes lessons from grandma over zoom, and plan our future family move to Hawaii.

Script: Kids need to go to school and learn in a classroom from 8am-3pm every day.
TOTB: Learning can happen anytime, anywhere. Cross country road trips, at Disney parks, growing a garden in the backyard, riding turtles at a farm, and online coaching programs. Life is the classroom.

Script: We’ll travel when our kids are older, they can’t handle big trips right now.
TOTB: We wanted to see the LDS Rome Temple open house. So we got a carrier backpack for the 1-year-old, trained our other kids (10, 8, 7, 5) to walk a lot with their own packs (thank you Disneyworld), and went on a 1-month backpacking trip around Europe. Life-changing.

Script: Buy a house and settle down
TOTB: We wanted to experience lots of different ways to live. We’ve experienced everything from 800 sqft apartments to a 5000+ sqft home, we lived in 4 different states, 20 different homes, and have plans to try even more (Hawaii and Thailand are still on the list).

I’m not saying that these stories are for everyone or that every script is bad. I am saying that you will find more joy when you decide what script you want to live.

It’s easy to do what everyone else is doing. In fact, the #1 regret of the dying is that they wished they had the courage to live a life true to what they wanted instead of letting other people’s expectations determine their lives.

I’ve found ways to live my family’s unique story.

I’ve found this incredible pattern of figuring out what I want, setting ambitious goals, and living my own story.

Now I want to help you live your story.

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Your Deliberate
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Invite Christ ❄️ Increase The Magic ❄️ Eliminate Chaos

Your kids only have so many Christmas’ at home.
Use this step-by-step course to create a Christ-centered and Magical Christmas every year.

What I write

Check out my article, What Mary Magdalene, Emma Smith, and You Have in Common, about how women can turn fear into faith.

Featured in the Spring 2021 print and digital editions of Latter-day Woman Magazine.

What I Teach

I’ve spoken for various groups about family culture, goal setting, and turning fear into faith.

Here’s one talk I gave about how we’ve applied our Deliberate Family method to our daily meals from the Word of Wisdom conference. Helping Your Family with Young Children Live the Word of Wisdom.

What people say

Learning about your story has helped me remember what’s important about mine. 

Everyone needs a Katrina in their lives.


Brittany P

Just wanted to tell you, your IG account is a beacon of light! The uplifting messages and support are something I look forward to on social media. 

Keep up the beautiful work of good. It’s much needed in the world. 
Jen H

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