5 ways to bring more laughter to your marriage


Marriage can get pretty serious. In our own marriage there are times we realize that amidst the kids, work, bills, social, and dozens of other commitments, we just forget to have fun.

Here are 5 ways we’ve found helpful to bring a little more laughter to our own marriage.

1. Watch something funny

Cue YouTube videos by the dozens. A small funny clip can be a nice ‘pause’ to breathe. This can be especially helpful if you find life getting too serious and just need a reset button.

We’ve never had so many places to turn for a laugh. I’m sure you have your favorites, but some of our favorite fun shows include Castle, Friends, Marley and Me, How I Met Your Mother, and How to lose a guy in 10 days.

2. Tickle

I write this one carefully ? my wife does not like to be tickled, but maybe your spouse does. It brings a smile. Remember that respect is key, but it’s a way to connect physically and laugh.

3. Use self-deprecating humor

I have found this to be a gold mine for getting my wife to laugh. It shows you’re willing to be humble, recognize your limitations. People who can be self-aware enough to see and admit their shortcomings are more approachable. That’s one reason why having a self-deprecating sense of humor is actually correlated with better leaders.

4. Tease

Like other ideas on this list, there’s a respectful way to do this and a mean way to do this, as well as a time this works and a time to avoid it. Tease in a way that compliments. Teasing shows intimacy. You don’t (or shouldn’t) tease people you don’t know.

Playful taps, smiles, winks, and references to fun you’ll have later can bring a smile and a laugh.

5. Dance

Dancing together brings our bodies in sync. You have to do a number of romantic things: be vulnerable, be silly, be wrong, be observant. If your partner isn’t up for it, then you just start alone (trust me, most of us dancing alone will bring a smile to our partner’s face).

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