Are You a Bed Maker?


Ryan and I were married in June 2007. It was the HOTTEST day of the year that year, but we didn’t care. We were head over heels in love and flying on clouds. Nothing could get in our way.

After our honeymoon (to Disneyland, of course!) we came home and settled into our new life as husband and wife. Little did we know that our first learning opportunity with each other would happen bright and early that first morning.

I asked him, “What are you doing?! Are you a Bed maker?”

We lazily got out of bed and I headed to the bathroom to get ready. I heard Ryan getting up behind me and figured he’d follow me. But he didn’t come. I waited a few more minutes and then went to the bedroom to find him. There he was, making our bed!

I asked him, “What are you doing?! Are you a Bed maker?”

Now you have to understand. My mom always TOLD us to make our beds every day growing up. In fact, she and my dad always made their bed. But for whatever reason, I was not a trained bed maker and I didn’t see the value in it. So when Ryan was spending that time making the bed, I could not understand why it was important.

He looked at me and asked, “You’re NOT a Bed maker?!” (almost astonished, I might add). He continued to show me how great a bed can look and how it changes the entire feeling of the room.

And I had to admit-he was right. It did make our room feel better and it really didn’t take that much time to do it first thing.

So we started a habit. We decided there and then that we would be bed makers together because it made us feel better when we walked into our room. And now, 13 years later, we still (without fail) make the bed first thing in the morning.

To clarify, we don’t always get up at the same time and so we aren’t always doing it together. In fact, Ryan is often making the bed on his own because I’m already out of bed and helping kids. He’s so great! But the point is that we decided we are bed makers and we have made that a priority every morning.

Pattern for Building Habits

We have found power from this pattern:

1. Decide who you want to be

2. Commit to a simple action

3. Make it a habit

We have experienced power, confidence, and growth as we have used this pattern in our home and with our kids.

What simple daily habit can you start to make your life feel a little better?

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