#HearHim: A Child’s Testimony of Fasting


#HearHIm Weekly is a series of how we hear the Savior’s voice in every day living.

President Russell M Nelson has invited all to follow direction from Heavenly Father, “This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him“.

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In the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we have a tradition to fast the first Sunday of every month. Every family has their own way to teach and invite their children in fasting. 

In our family, we have asked our children to begin fasting when they turn 8. Between ages 8-11 we invite them to begin their fast Saturday night and close it on Sunday at lunchtime, skipping 1 meal. After they turn 12, we invite them to fast for breakfast and lunch on Sunday, skipping 2 meals. 

Kyler, my 10 year old, shared his testimony with us this past Sunday about how he Heard the voice of the Lord in his fast:

“I was really upset this morning when my family reminded me that it was fast Sunday. I wasn’t expecting it. And I are a donut from Halloween for breakfast already. My mom asked me to fast for lunch and then eat dinner tonight. I didn’t like that idea but knew I should. I went to my room and I prayed. I asked Heavenly Father to help me be able to fast. And He did. I made it to dinner and He helped me to still be happy through the day and not grumpy and upset like I was this morning.” 

I’m so grateful Kyler shared this experience with me.

Here was my perspective of the day (from Mom):

I felt frustrated and sad that Kyler was so grumpy that morning. I encouraged him to go pray and tell God about his woes. But as the day progressed, I noticed he was happy. He had a great attitude even though he was hungry. Things that I expected to make him grumpy, didn’t make him grumpy. I was amazed to see the peace that he felt all day. It strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that He will speak to anyone who asks for help.

Even a 10 year old child. 

How have you Heard the Voice of the Lord speaking to you this week?

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