#HearHim at the Swimming Pool


#HearHIm Weekly is a series of how we hear the Savior’s voice in every day living.

President Russell M Nelson has invited all to follow direction from Heavenly Father, “This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him“.

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How Did you #HearHim this week?

I took my kids to a friends’ house to go swimming this week. We haven’t had a play date with friends in months so it was the best day ever! Seriously, the kids were in heaven.

After about an hour, Kobe was cold and hungry. So I took off his floatie and wrapped him in a towel. Kobe isn’t a runner so he never makes me worry too much-but I kept my eye on him.

I walked into the house to help prepare food and was aware of him through the window’I had a straight visual of him the entire time. I saw him standing by the pool with his popcorn cup and his towel-just watching the big kids swimming. I continued to prepare food and then I looked out again. I saw him with nothing in his hands and doing the dive position with hands above his ears and he dove in!!

I immediately ran to him thinking one of the other kids was trying to catch him. I was ready to tell them that that wasn’t a good idea without his floaties but when I got there he was totally alone and bobbing for air at the surface of the water. Nobody there to catch him.

I jumped in, pushed him up, caught my breath, and pulled him to the side of the pool.
He was completely fine maybe a little startled and just wanted to sit in my lap for a bit.

How was I during all of that commotion? I was completely calm. Totally at peace. My heart was not racing. I was not uneasy. Not scared. Right where I needed to be and doing what I needed to be doing to pull him out and help him learn.

The Lord spoke to me to be aware of Kobe and brought peace to my heart in a situation that could have been panicked and scary.


Later this week, I had a couple of sleepless nights. I tossed and turned, reliving what happened. I couldn’t get over the what-ifs. As I was praying to be calm again and thanking Him that I didn’t have to bury my baby this week, I heard a thought in my mind:

This was an experience for you to feel what it is like to be in a Partnership with me in raising your kids.

I have always loved the talk Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God by Elder Holland. Today I was able to really experience and appreciate being in a partnership with Him. I am not left alone to raise and care for these kids. I heard Him remind me of that.


How did you #HearHim this week?

Share your experiences in the comments!


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