#HearHim By Praying Vocally


#HearHIm Weekly is a series of how we hear the Savior’s voice in every day living.

President Russell M Nelson has invited all to follow direction from Heavenly Father, “This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him“.

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Elder Holland shared his powerful testimony of prayer this week. I love this statement from him:

“Carve out time, good time–high priority time–when we can say the words. Kneel where possible. Be vocal, be out loud and really have that communication.”

-Elder Jeffrey R Holland

With the craziness in the past year, I have experienced a change in my prayers. I used to have (and still do sometimes) many a night where I quickly will say a little prayer before falling asleep–but I have learned that the nights and mornings when I am more intentional with my prayers are powerful experiences. I have found myself hungering for a stronger and tangible relationship with God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

When I put forth more effort–like premeditating the things I want to talk to Him about, kneeling down, going somewhere private, and pouring out my heart to Him–those nights and days have been true times of teaching, learning, and feeling love and strength to keep moving forward.

How have your prayers improved this year? How have you Heard the voice of the Lord in your prayers recently? What can you do to prioritize your prayers a little bit better this week?

Watch Elder Holland’s testimony and counsel here:


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