#HearHim Through YouTube Music Videos


#HearHIm Weekly is a series of how we hear the Savior’s voice in every day living.

President Russell M Nelson has invited all to follow direction from Heavenly Father, “This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him“.

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This past week has been busy. Full of change and new things: we settled in a new (though still temporary) house, we started into a new school year and even a new school program! Overall, the week went well.

I’ve had some questions I’ve been praying about this week with a couple of my kids. Wondering how to change some things for them that aren’t going as well. 

The past 6 months we have started a new tradition on Sunday mornings. We add to a playlist of spiritual songs/videos to play on YouTube on our TV. (Here’s a playlist of some of our favorites if you are interested!) It’s a great way to invite the spirit as we are getting breakfast and getting ready for church.

Today we watched some amazing talented youth perform a song called “Come Unto Christ”. This has become one of our favorite videos. As I watched today the spirit spoke clearly to my mind and heart the answer I’ve been praying for this week. It took me by surprise but I know it was a message from the Lord to give me peace.

I Heard Him as I sat and watched a music video with my children.

How did you Hear the Voice of the Lord this week? I hope you wrote it down or shared it! 

Have a great week!


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  1. Tiffany

    I love this! Thanks for sharing your playlist! It was fun to see that we have many of the same songs on our Sunday playlist. I did get a few new ones though!


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