How Can “School” and “Home” Life Be One?


Because we believe in learning anywhere and anytime, we rarely differentiate “school time” from “non-school time” in our home. Even when we have classes/commitments planned at certain times, we try to mix it up because we want our kids to understand that they are still learning even during “playtime” or other non-school time. This flexibility allows us to learn together, learn on our own, and enjoy learning more every day.

Some examples of how we merge “school” and “life” together:

  • We use our school room for other things besides just “school time” (ie. computers, games, puzzles, snacks, read alouds, zoom meetings, etc.).
  • We keep our Ukuleles in that room so they can be accessible to us whether it is school time or not.
  • We use our dining room table during school time as well even though it isn’t in our “school room”.
  • We schedule chores, playtime, screen time, and learning time in the same calendar.
  • We schedule chores into the day when they fit best. Sometimes those work out well in between classes.
  • We have books in every room of the house.
  • Often read-aloud time happens before bed or first thing in the morning. It can be very informal.
  • Every night at dinner we ask the question, “What did you learn today?” and we all can answer from any part of the day. It is not expected to report only about academic topics.

How do you find ways to learn anytime and anywhere in your home?

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