Katrina is a charismatic speaker and writer who teaches families to involve Christ in their daily lives and face life’s challenges with light and power.

Some of the topics she speaks about include:

LDS 2022 Youth Theme. Helping primary kids, youth, and parents learn what it looks like and feels like to really trust in the Lord. It starts in your home. When we involve the Lord in small daily habits, we can handle anything that comes our way.

Intentional Family Living. How to create an environment centered on Jesus Christ: that gets better results for everyone in your family without the stress so common in family conflict.

Goal Setting. How to set and communicate vision + goals with your family, your kids, your spouse, yourself and God. Including vision boards, habits, and intentional learning.

Faith Over Fear. How to become aware of how fear drives behavior and how to partner with God to replace those fears with faith.


Katrina Seamons is the founder of Deliberate Family. She helps families thrive by inspiring them to live life centered on Jesus Christ. She’s an expert in intentional living, goal setting, and behavior change.

Katrina finds joy in anchoring herself and her family to the Lord. She finds purpose in everything from starting her own business to homeschooling full-time, traveling worldwide with her family to speaking and writing, learning the ukulele to being an informal Disney park travel agent.

She married her high school sweetheart and they currently live in Utah with their 5 kids. Katrina has a degree from Utah State University in Early Childhood Special Education. She believes that families can be powerful and united as they center all parts of their lives on Jesus Christ.

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