Who Are Your Stars?



I love stars.

Stars are romantic. They are mystical and eternal. They symbolize direction and heaven. They guide and to confirm location. When we can see the stars, we feel more secure and feel confident to move forward.

We also have human stars around us. The world presents us with rockSTARS, movieSTARS, superSTARS, etc. Sometimes these can be good stars to look to, but often we are disappointed by the things we learn from these stars. They often don’t provide good examples, share real light, or inspire feelings of security and confidence.

Who are the real stars in our lives?

Our Ancestors could be our Stars.

Our theme for homeschooling this week was “Star Wars & Tomorrowland”. I really wanted to make time during the week to study family history. I decided to bring out one ancestor photograph each day and share a story. To relate them to our theme, I put stars on the frames of the pictures.

We talked about our relationship with each ancestor, our ancestor’s families, and some of our favorite stories/memories of them. We also talked about how we can look to these people as examples for our family. The kids loved it! Even my toddler enjoyed the visual of the pictures.

For example: One of my grandmothers loves pretty things, baking, sewing, and traveling around the world.

As I was telling my 8-year-old about this, she exclaimed,

“I love all those things! I wish I could go to their house!”

She may or may not get to go to their house in the coming years, but I hope she always remembers that she has things in common with her great-grandmother. And I hope that, as she grows, she will know that she is connected to her great-grandmother for eternity and can be guided as she creates her own home and family.

Ezra Taft Benson said

“Sometimes the veil between this life and the life beyond becomes very thin. Our loved ones who have passed on are not far from us.”

I have felt my ancestors helping me throughout my life. I want my children to feel that as well.

Let’s look to our ancestors as our stars, just as we use stars in the night sky: to guide us and to confirm our location; to give us security and confidence as we move forward through life’s journey.

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